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Parenting Workshops

Parenting with Purpose       (4 Saturdays, 3 hour sessions)    

Do you often find yourself feeling rushed, frustrated and overwhelmed as a parent?  If so, you are not alone!  Life is busy and this can make your job as a parent even more challenging!!!  This 4-part parenting series will explore how you can be more mindful as a parent and set yourself and your child up for success. You will get a chance to reflect on what’s working in your home and what you would like to improve to create an atmosphere of respect and cooperation.  The program covers basic parenting topics, such as:  discipline, communication and daily routines, and gives participants an opportunity to ask questions and discuss personal challenges and triumphs.  For more information or to register, contact Empathic Life Solutions at 506-866-6940 or email info@empathicsolutions.ca

Helping Children Deal with Loss        (6 weeks, 2 hour sessions)

There are many myths about dealing with sad emotions that confuse children, such as “Time heals all wounds,” “Replace the loss,” “Be strong for others,” “Bury your feelings,” and “Don’t feel bad, have a cookie, you’ll feel better…” This program for adults will help you to replace these myths with practical guidance to help children deal with death, divorce, etc.

Parenting Children with Challenging Behaviours       (3 Saturdays, 4 hour sessions)

Are you living in a home filled with tantrums, frustrations and explosions? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but are still walking on eggshells around your child, waiting for the next explosive episode? This 3 part workshop is for parents who would like to learn how to effectively deal with these challenging behaviours in children of all ages.

Parenting in Blended Families           (6 weeks, 2 hour sessions)

Parenting is a challenging job and can be even more difficult when blending families. This program will help parents and stepparents communicate more effectively their children, provide discipline techniques that promote cooperation and mutual respect and most importantly, help to build a strong and positive relationship among all members of the blended family.

Helping Your Teen Manage Stress           (3 weeks, 2 hour sessions)

The teen years are filled with change, growth and stress! This program helps parents learn to recognize symptoms of stress in their teenagers, typical stressors during these years, and how to help teens deal with these sometimes overwhelming challenges. Various strategies will be explored to help teens manage their stress that can last a lifetime!