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Personal Growth Workshops

Managing Anger  6 weeks (2 hour sessions)  NEW Group January 2020 (Pre-registration required)

“I have a short fuse.” “Sometimes I lose it over the smallest things” “My spouse/partner is concerned about my anger” “My anger can come on strong and suddenly” “I don’t want to set a bad example for my kids.” Can you relate to any of these statements? This program provides practical, down-to-earth strategies to help you regain control and experience peace of mind. Contact us at 506-866-6940 or email empathiclifesolutions@gmail.com to register.

Becoming Assertive 6 weeks (2 hour sessions)

Do you want to be able to express your ideas with more confidence? Are you able to tell others what you need with poise and self-assurance? Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself openly and honestly while remaining respectful of others. If you want to develop the courage to be yourself, stay true to your values, and speak up when needed, this program is for you!